Riders & Walkers Program

Santiago and Sofia learn how to safely navigate their route to school and have fun along the way!

Riders and Walkers is an interactive, multi-media presentation created and delivered by the Environmental Education Exchange for third grade classrooms across Pima County.  During this 45-minute presentation, student teams help Sofia and Santiago safely navigate their route to school by bike and on foot.  The presenter guides students through a Chutes & Ladders-inspired game that reviews pedestrian and bicycle safety skills and builds enthusiasm to get students ready to ride and walk.

Riders & Walkers Highlights:

  • It’s interactive.  The presenter covers content in an engaging and relatable way for students through utilizing a large magnetic game board, videos and photos featuring Tucson-area neighborhoods, and various team exercises.
  • It’s curriculum-based.  The presentation have been created to meet Arizona Department of Education standards for third-grade students.  Teachers receive pre-visit activity ideas and vocabulary lists to help their students get ready for the presentation.
  • It promotes walking and biking.  Presentations encourage students to consider the joys of foot-powered travel meanwhile focusing on key, age-appropriate safety messages.   After the visit, students receive a bag of goodies to encourage them to walk and roll.  Included in the take-home materials is a Walking Checklist which students are instructed to complete during a short walk in their neighborhood with an adult family member.  Students who complete the checklist and return it to school are entered into a raffle to win a brand new bicycle!

Third grade student teams compete to get Santiago and Sofia to school safely.


Photos and videos used during the presentation feature the “real-life” Sofia and Santiago characters riding and walking around Tucson.


The Riders & Walkers game board inspired by Chutes & Ladders features famous Tucson landmarks.


Would you like Riders & Walkers to visit your school?  Contact saferoutes@livingstreetsalliance.org for more information.

The Riders & Walkers Program visited the following schools in Fall 2017:

  • Anza Trail K-8 School
  • Cavett Elementary School
  • Dietz K-8 School
  • Gladden Farms Elementary School
  • Howell Elementary School
  • Laguna Elementary School
  • Los Amigos Elementary School
  • Los Ninos Elementary School
  • Mission Manor Elementary School
  • Pueblo Gardens K-8 School
  • Rio Vista Elementary School
  • Sewell Elementary School
  • Van Buskirk Elementary School
  • Wheeler Elementary School
  • Wright Elementary School